Finds and coordinates free local housing for all Artists +Collaborators coming from afar



ON-SITE DATES: These folks live locally + have connections to folks with extra houses, apartments and rooms. They do the pre-production connecting + agreement signing work. They are not needed on-site during the production.


*Starts ASAP.

* This position is offered a modest gratitude gift stipend. 



*Help find local housing for all coming from afar + communicate with Pooja

  + our Company Manager as housing is found,

*Assign houses + rooms to: Production Team Members, Cure-ators,

 Performers, Artists + Interns with Pooja's guidance.

*Write up + oversee signing of borrowing agreements with all house-owners 

  + Pooja.

*Act as a liason with house owners.

*Connect + Meet with Company Manager in early July.


Photos courtesy of Sabine Vollmer von Falken, Peggy Reeves, Krysia Kurzyca, and David Benson

All photos and text © 2021 The Rites of Passage Project