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Welcome to the House of Belonging

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1 House. 27 Rooms.
A House of Ancestral Healing, Resilience & Belonging
Celebrating the Lives of Women of Color

I’m speechless.

I took the journey you offered me. I cried and laughed and received so much.

I want to be there again and again, and for all my friends to experience this...

which is impossible to describe...

Power. Love. Intention. Magic. Women. 

Bravo.”                                                            - 20/20 Vision auidence member

Rites of Passage: 20/20 Vision was a "living museum" honoring the lives & visionary futures
of Black, Indigenous & Immigrant Women of Color in America (BIWOC),
set inside a historic former Women's Club in Western Massachusetts.

Throughout its  27 "Rooms of Cure", 20/20 Vision reclaimed women's experiences of initiation using ritual theatre & multimedia art shared over 10 live performances
from August 13-17, 2021.

20/20 Vision
was created in collaboration with 60 Women of Color artists ages 3 to 75, and was witnessed by nearly 1000 audience members. Together we created a living village
of belonging and healing, and embodied the liberated future we dream of.

The abundance, voluptuous spirit of healing, self-hood, sisterhood- so generous, healed + healing OUR FUTURE + OUR PAST + OUR PRESENT.

Thank you each deeply for your Love.”

I am grateful for the privilege of witnessing & participating in this ritual. For feeling both the pain of history and the balms of sisterhood & creativity. My heart is open My body flashes hot. Brava to you all. Us all. To life.”

I am honored to be reborn tonight.”

Taking in all the many rites in the house – I feel expanded + opened to so many other experiences + like the world is fuller + filled with breath, song, rhythm + color.”

All of these things are our rites; all of these things- we already know;

all of these hold power and allow us to flow effortlessly through the unknown.” 

Being held by the rich soils of women of color.

May a life of honoring them be born.”


Each room in 20/20 Vision 
embodies a rite of passage theme
in the lives of
 Black, Indigenous + Immigrant
Women of Color
Yet ultimately, it was
a living, breathing ritual
of Remembrance + healing justice
on behalf of all our lineages,
and all our many colors