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Who is the Rites of Passage Project for?

The Rites of Passage Project is a space of healing & reclamation specifically for cis and trans women,

as well as for non-binary and gender fluid people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.

We deeply honor and respect the voices, perspectives, labor and wisdom of non-binary and gender fluid peoples within this project, while lifting up the Feminine, and sacredness and breadth of what it means to be "a woman".


*Our live events are open to audiences of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. 

Is this a live event? Is it open to the public?

The Rites of Passage Project uses live performance, art, writing, photography & film to educate and inspire women + femmes of all ages to claim their rites of passage. The first live event happened over 3 nights in June of 2013. The NEXT LIVE EVENT "Rites of Passage 20/20 Vision"will take place over 5 days in August of 2021 with 2 live performances each day.  The 20/20 Vision event includes our living museum of multimedia art & ritual performance, nightly post-production discussion panels + special guest music performances.

How much does it cost?

                                                      Nothing. Tickets to the live performance are FREE or by donation.

            We encourage white audience members to donate generously as a gesture of solidarity with BIPOC women & voices.

Does it take place in a real house? Or is that a metaphor?



The live event takes place in a real house. Rites of Passage places a deliberate emphasis on using an actual house, as opposed to another formal institution or gallery space. A house speaks to the interiority of our private lives; we invite audiences to literally walk through the intimate places of our life experience, one room at a time.

Where does it take place?

Rites of Passage 20/20 Vision will take place in The Whitney Center for the Arts " in Pittsfield, The Berkshires, Massachusetts

formerly "The Women's Club of the Berkshires".

When is it?

Rites of Passage 20/20 Vision is slated to take place over 5 days from AUGUST 13th -17th, 2021 with 2 live performances each day.

How many artists are involved?

From start to finish, Rites of Passage 20/20 Vision will involve over 65 local + national artists and collaborators.

Learn more about us here. 

Is it just for Women of Color?

While the Rites of Passage 20/20 Vision is for women of all backgrounds and ethnicities,

the 20/20 Vision live production is focused on centering the voices and art of Black, Indigenous, and Immigrant Women of Color

in the US  who have been on the margins for far too long.

We believe these voices specifically have the medicine we need collectively,

to create a more just, viable and empowered future for all beings.

Can kids attend?

Yes for sure! The project is best viewed by children ages 5 and up. Infants in arms also welcome.

(This event is not stroller appropriate, and may contain strong emotional and/or sexual content).

Can I be involved? How?

Besides coming to see the live event or participate in our workshops, we welcome volunteers of all genders and ages from now

thru September of 2021. Please fill out a Volunteer Application here and share your interests and skill sets with us. 

We are also fundraising $200K to produce 20/20 Vision and welcome tax-deductible donations of all sizes. 

We are also weaving a virtual community through The Rites of Passage Resilience Collective on Patreon - open to all women & non-binary folks: come join us! 

If you are BIPOC woman artist and would like to contribute work, cure-ate a room, perform with us, or if you are a professional woman interested in joining our Pro-Creative Team, please learn more here and fill out an Collaborator Application.




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Artwork Credits:
Initiation: Cynthia Atwood + Sarah Nicholson, The Re-Birth Canal 
Ritual Art + Performance: Krysia Kurzyca, After All is Said & Done
Healing Justice: Cathy Fisch, The Web
Embodying The Feminine: Cindy Parrish (still of film), Animus