Tools of Resilience + Re-membering for Times of Transition


13 BIPOC artists + healers

13 moons 

13 offerings each month

We are an online collective of 13 creators from within the larger 20/20 Vision project, offering monthly classes, meditations, writing and art for women + femmes for 13 lunar cycles from August 2020 to August 2021.


We recognize that the world and our shared humanity within it are in a massive collective "rite of passage". The Rites of Passage "Resilience Collective" is emerging as a response to these times; as a way forward, together and through.

As old structures based in separation and control are being exposed, challenged, and ultimately dismantled, we  need new, remembered ways that can sustain us in embodying our human potential for collectivity, compassion and mutual-respect. These are ways founded in connection, reverence for the Earth, and the circle of relatedness in which every being is a teacher. We believe that resilience is the foundation for building a just and regenerative world in our true likeness.

The Resilience Collective asks: What does collective and personal resilience look like? What nurtures it? And how can we support each other in building it?  Together we are co-weaving a basket of medicine, remembrance and truth for these times. We believe that a basket woven together in this way is stronger, more beautiful and of course - more resilient:)


























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Starting monthly at $3 for BIPOC // $9 sliding scale for non-BIPOC on PATREON:

*Each New + Full Moon, you'll receive resilience offerings in your inbox which we've crafted for that lunar cycle's theme.


*Become part of a virtual community for women + femmes dedicated to honoring our unique personal + collective rites of passage, and to discovering + cultivating adaptive resilience in these changing times. 

*Support the voices, wisdom + artistic expression of women of color in the world at this pivotal moment in our human history.  We believe that transformation happens simultaneously inside + outside of ourselves, and that resilience thrives in collectivity.  As a Patreon member, you support both the creation of "20/20 Vision"- the next live iteration of Rites of Passage, as well as the Resilience Collective itself.

*With 3 sliding scale tiers (for BIPOC + non-BIPOC), you choose how you'll exchange your financial capital for our  cultural + spiritual capital. We offer guidance on deciding what tier is right for you on our Patreon site.


to receive new + full moon offerings in your inbox!


We offer personal practices and the vulnerability of our own stories to support 

us all in continuing to heal and liberate

the wounded places within us and our world. Our offerings range from movement to music, integrated self-care, herbalism, rituals, writing and visual art to nurture and restore ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and politically.




We believe that the unique wisdom 

of female / femme,

+ Black, Indigenous, 

and diverse People of Color voices

are the leading edge in the collective movement for co-creating an equitable and regenerative future.

We believe that within each of our ancestral lineages, lies wisdom waiting to be reclaimed. 


Each month, our 13 offerings are created around a shared theme and

the energy of each month's lunation, and are released before each New + Full Moon. In this way, we hope to support women + femmes in connecting more deeply with the natural cycles of the moon, the stars, and Earth.

re-connection = decolonization



"Becoming Water:

Intentional Movement 

Into the Liquid Gold

of Dissolution"

Ayodele Ngozi Drayton

"Bloodroot & Rose"

(a zine of healing)

Kifu Faruq

"Personal Transformation

for BIPOC During

The Pandemic Portal"

Sokhna Heathyre Mabin

"Somatic Transformation Practice Through Yoga Asana, Breathwork

& Meditation"

xóchitlcoatl bello

"Nourishing BIPOC Intuition: New Moon

Plant Meditation"

re  sil  ience



“the ability to thrive by mirroring nature's  

adaptability, limit damaging impacts, and evolve in the face of turbulent change, while nurturing

 healing, pleasure, and joy.”

-The Rites of Passage Resilience Collective


Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

-Audre Lorde

Photos courtesy of Sabine Vollmer von Falken, Peggy Reeves, Krysia Kurzyca, and David Benson

All photos and text © 2020 The Rites of Passage Project