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Thank you for wanting to join us

in re-imagining the world in our True Likeness...

Being part of Rites of Passage is an experience that is beyond a normal job, art gallery or theatrical production experience. We truly do aim to create a temporary communal village that is radically awake, radically heart-centered, non-hierarchical, and devoted to our shared liberation. 

We welcome all folks of all ages, who identify as women or womxn to apply.

Mother-daughter pairs of all ages are enthusiastically invited.


While are dedicated to keeping BIWOC in the center for this 2021 incarnation of ROP,

"white" women are welcome to join the team in production and support roles. 

Ultimately Rites of Passage is intended to be fully inclusive - a weaving of all our many colors.

Please note that Production Team members, Cure-ating Artists, as well as Performing Artists + Musicians,

will receive modest stipends depending on how much we are able to fundraise for 20/20 Vision. 

We intend to provide housing for those coming from afar, as well as some gas reimbursement for those commuting. With this said, this is not a money-making endeavour. And because our collaborative team is so large, and our budget a humble one, we are unable to accommodate Equity actors.

Please read thoroughly through our MISSION and VALUES pages

before reaching out to us.

Header Artwork: Pooja Prema, Cycles
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