I never truly acknowledged the fact that I was female until about the 2nd room, and realized maybe

its not so bad after all."


I remember going to see Rites of Passage in with my mother, who is now 86. It was a meaningful experience to go through the house with her and be able to talk afterwards about all things pertaining to being women. I have always been able to talk freely about everything with my mother, and yet, there were some new things we were able to talk about after seeing Rites of Passage. I am very grateful for that. Those much-needed conversations between women are just one of the many reasons why this project is so important.

Bringing all of who we are into the open, ensuring that ALL women are included and capturing the many different layers and perspectives of being a woman, and even what that means in today's world, is such an exciting and important thing to be doing now. "

-Kristen van Ginhoven, Director of WAM Theatre


Pooja's ability to bring together so many artists under one unified vision was such a beautiful gift to unwrap.

Each room a galvanizing invitation into the poetic realities of our inner lives."

-Heather Fisch, theatre-maker


SOVEREIGNTY." -anonymous


COMMUNITY : sabine-vollmer-von-falken-83




I am eternally grateful for such a vast and profound window into the collective experience that is womanhood. The effects of this project, both personally and collectively, have continued to reverberate long after its completion."

-Kristin Grippo, 2013 Cure-ator


Rites of Passage invited us to TAKE UP SPACE - with our stories, our art, our memories, our collections.

It was an honorable taking."

-Suzi Baum Banks, 2013 Cure-ator



It was magic. I went through every phase of my life every night. The house was alive; it still is -

when we tell the story."

-Barby Cardillo, 2013 Stage Manager


A rite of passage marks a transformation, it lasts for the rest of your life. It is sustenance, to be fed upon when needed.  Simply having gone through Rites of Passage set off something, still alive in me.

It shifted the lens I have on the rest of my life.”

-Meg Agnew, 2013 Performer



I felt my work BELONGED in that house."

-Cynthia Atwood, 2013 Cure-ator



We carved our stories onto the walls of each other's hearts. Wrote ourselves into movement, inventing rituals we had never seen to honor each other's history, to light the pain, taste the dried fruit that had stained our pasts, framed out smiles."

-Nancy Rothman, 2013 Performer



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