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In our modern culture, there's virtually no acknowledgment of personal rites of

passage for women or any human being. 

There’s almost no place to seek out ritual or community that would gift us life-giving support when we most need it.

This is what Rites of Passage seeks to offer.

ROP reclaims and expands the concept of

a “rite of passage” to recognize that every significant experience in a woman's life from birth to death - the beautiful and the ugly, the holy and profane - can be a liberatory initiation. 

Through our live performance-installations,

and forthcoming virtual museum, film & large-format photo book of photos and essays, we hope to re-frame, education, inspire the way we see and live our lives as women.


for the new century 


The long-term dream for Rites of Passage is for it to become a kind of Vagina Monologues for the new century - enabling groups of women around the U.S. and the globe to create original, localized ROP performance-installations  specific to the needs of their places and communities. 

ROP is a visionary template - a ground from which new, fresh perspectives on the theme can be gestated and birthed. 

This will eventually be made possible through the creation of a Rites of Passage Project Project Workbook. Subsequent small and large scale projects will then be linked through this website, evolving a movement and network of creative resistance +resilience, and shared yet plural vision. 

REACH OUT to us if your'e interested in




After all, there can be no one definitive house

to contain a terrain as vast as

"women's rites of passage":  

There are endless iterations/ rooms

for the "Collective Female Soul", 

as we continue to evolve as a collective. 

In this way, Rites of Passage

honors and mirrors the cycle of

seed-to-flower-to-fruit and back again,

in hopes to nurture a regenerative 

+ fertile cultural/ spiritual garden 

for a world in crisis and emergence.

*The Rites of Passage Project is copyrighted by Pooja Prema

 Feminist thinking teaches us all, especially,

    how to love justice and freedom in ways that foster and affirm life.”

                                                                                                 – Bell Hooks


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Artwork Credits:
About: left: Karen Arp-Sandell; Cynthia Atwood, The Re-Birth Canal (detail)
Visionary Medicine: Gabrielle Senza, Hysteria
Seed, Flower, Fruit: left: Pooja Prema; right: Krysia Kurzyca, After All is Said & Done
Final Header: Camille Roos, Maidenhood
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