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Jeanny Tsai (she/her) is a photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, and a lover of life. She has a passion for photographing people and cultures that express their devotion to the divine through rituals

and celebrations in different forms.

Within this realm, she has spent

extended time photographing in indigenous communities worldwide with

a focus in Brazil and the US. She recently photographed a portrait series of Native American cultural lineage holders from multiple First Nations in North America. Jeanny published a fine art photography book, Retratos do Recôncavo, which was shot entirely in the interior of Bahia, Brazil.Her work has appeared in

magazines and is in private collections. Jeanny also directs and produces documentary programs for television and theatrical release. She is constantly

inspired by all the people she meets

who greet her with openness and

a desire to share their stories and lives.

Jeanny Tsai
Jill Goldman.jpg

Photographer, yogi, mystic, dancer,

mother, wife… Jill Goldman (she/her) wears all of these labels and personas at different times and she has a special relationship with each one as the lines between personas blur and a beautiful synergy combines to allow magic to manifest of its own. Creating an intimate, beautiful image is not something she

does alone. It is a collaboration between her, the photographer, and the person being photographed. Without the dance between the two, there is no magic. Jill attended Massachusetts College of

Art for her Masters of Fine Arts in photography. Her meditation and yoga practice follow her off the mat and cushion to join her behind the camera and in all other areas of her life. She is voraciously passionate and curious about many things...she loves to listen, to share, to understand and to fully participate. 

Explore Jill's work at

Jill Goldman
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Peggy Reeves (she/her) has a Masters Degree in Art Education and a 31 year career as an arts administrator and classroom teacher in NYC, Long Island

and the Berkshires. Upon retirement,

she focused on photography specializing in the theater and the fine arts showing widely in Columbia and Berkshire counties.  Her work is in the collection of the Berkshire Museum and many private collections. She is represented by 510 Warren Street Gallery in Hudson, NY. 

More of her work can be seen at

Peggy Reeves
Sabine Vollmer von Falken.jpg

Sabine Vollmer von Falken (sher/her)

lives and works in the Berkshires, Massachusetts since 1977. She has created lyrical and personal statements about people and places for almost

five decades. Her photographs reveal

the essential and often hidden

emotional core of her subjects. Her approach is creative, innovative, and spontaneous. Her work has been collected into several private collections and featured in numerous galleries and publications. Pooja’s important project – Rites of Passage - was a wonderful fit. Sabine is represented by Lisa Vollmer Gallery, Great Barrington, MA since 2016.

You can see more of her work at

Sabine Vollmer
von Falken
Marina Dominguez cropped.jpg

Marina Dominguez (she/her) is originally from Argentina, Buenos Aires. A few

years ago, she met the Berkshires and 

fell completely in love with the place.

She studied labor relations at the

University of Buenos Aires and always worked in areas related to workers'

rights because she loves to help every-

one from the underprivileged to

the less favored. Through her art she

hopes to empower and honor women. Learn more at

Krysia Kurzyca photo.jpg

Krysia Kurzyca (she/her) was born in Wroclaw, Poland, where she attended art schools for six years and became a successful jewelry designer. Since moving to the United States she has applied her skills and sensibilities to children's book illustration, graphic design, painting, and photography. She has recently added video to her arrays of artistic expressions. Her paintings, prints, and photography have been shown and sold to private collectors. She currently resides in Great Barrington, MA, where she runs a CSA herb farm. 

Krysia Kurzyca
Nicole Combeau updated.jpg

Nicole Combeau (she/her) is a photographer, trauma-informed expressive art educator, and paper

artist living and working in Miami, Florida. Nicole uses the expressive arts as a pathway to living mindfully, embodied, and as a tool for healing. 

Her artistic practice goes hand-in-hand with her social practice as an educator. Nicole holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and recently finished graduate-level training in Expressive Arts and Somatic Education at the Tamalpa Institute in California.

Currently, Nicole is working on a life-long project titled Kin, where she uses photography as a tool to honor and sacredly acknowledge the close people in her life. To learn more about Nicole:

Nicole Combeau
David Benson.jpg

David Benson has been taking pictures of small events and parties for the past decade.  His pictures have appeared in Time Out NY and the New York Times.  He has also shot many musicians in concert including The Strumbellas, Guided By Voices and The Black Keys.  For David, taking photos of the Rites of Passage installation was an honor and a privilege.

David Benson

David Benson (he/him) has been taking pictures of small events and parties for the past decade. His pictures have appeared in Time Out NY and the New York Times. He has also shot many musicians in concert including The Strumbellas, Guided By Voices and The Black Keys. For David, taking photos of the Rites of Passage installation was an honor and a privilege.


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As a cinematographer and photographer, being behind the camera allows Eva Cruz (she/her) to be at the forefront of new emerging companies that are led by visionaries and thought leaders. From sustainably driven music festivals in Iceland to design thinking strategies in Nicaragua, she had been exposed to different industries across sectors. This on-the-road adventure has helped her think outside of herself, connect the dots more effectively, and grow as a storyteller. As a freelancer based in NYC, she/they balance many different roles as Photographer, Cinematographer, Project Manager, and Video/Photo Editor. Explore Eva's work at

Eva Cruz
Cindy Parrish.jpg

Cindy L. Parrish (she/her) is the founding co-director of Heroic Productionz, an educational media, curriculum guide production, and consulting company.  Heroic Productionz has produced to date, two award-winning educational projects, MAGIC PLANET, and HEROIC GIRLZ  directed by Meg Agnew and co-written by Cindy with four 11-year-old girls.  HEROIC GIRLZ, the movie, and its accompanying documentary, MAKING HISTORY, were written and directed by Cindy and have won numerous awards and screened at many venues including the Women’s Rights Convention National Park in Seneca Falls, NY and at the 2009 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

She is also the author of a dozen screenplays.

Cindy Parrish
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