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Manage construction in rooms + signage on walls, during install as well as de-install + clean-up.

ON-SITE DATES: July 25- August 3 & August 18 - 26, 2021 





*Managing what construction is required for each room. Get initial info from shared google spreadsheet. Communicate directly with Cure-ating Artists or Pooja when needed about specifics and aesthetics. Also ask Pooja if doubts arise as to what is feasible/ doable/ affordable.


*Keep clear on budget on spreadsheet for needed materials.


*Keep list of tools you need. 


*Create construction schedule spreadsheet. Communicate Pro-Creative Team members.


*Create signage for walls outside of rooms + sponsor signage for front of house.





*Daily meeting with Pro-Creative Team.

*Daily meeting with your team of 2 interns.


*Purchase construction materials with 2 interns (during pre-install week). Procure/ borrow any other needed materials or tools.




*Tech Set-Up where needed (working with Tech person). For example in the Grief Room.


*Communicate directly with Cure-ators to make sure its congruent with their vision.


*Put up signage on walls outside of rooms.





*Meet with Pro-Creative Team.

*Oversee de-install + clean-up of construction. Recycle when possible.

*Return borrowed materials.

*Take down screws, fill holes, oversee re-painting of any walls that need it. (Sourcing or buying paint if painting is necessary).


*Take down signage off walls outside of rooms.

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