Experiencing walking through the 20/20 Vision House as an audience member in this 60-minute film.

Rites of Passage: 20/20 Vision was directed by Pooja Prema in collaboration with dozens of other BIWOC artists, and filmed by EveryStory Studio.

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20/20 VISION

Following a successful screening at The Kennedy Center, D.C., in November of 2021, we look forward to sharing the Rites of Passage: 20/20 Vision Walk-Through Film around the country at universities, museums, festivals and community centers.


Our screening fee varies from $2,500 to $500.

Please note that in-person talk-backs require

additional financial and host support.


We are currently booking into the summer & fall

of 2022. For screening inquiries, please contact us.


"The heavens are smiling. The ancestors are breathing a big sigh of delight.

You did the work of a 1000, rest for as many nights." - C. Tom

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to re-experience Rites of Passage.

It is beautiful beyond words!" -K.A. Sandel

"The virtual tour was so well done, and with such texture and feeling.

It was so beautiful an experience to share as a family and with my daughter." 

"So many poignant memories of what you all brought to my in person experience. So much appreciation for all of the laboring that took place for this. Emotional, physical, spiritual."

"So meant to share with the 🌎 ."