Coordinates and installs tech equipment including lighting + projectors + monitors in relevant rooms

ON-SITE DATES: August 5 - 15, 24 - 26


*Knowledge, creativity + a love of tech stuff - especially video-related tech- is

  key. Experience in the theatre or TV also key. But you do not necessarily 

  need to be a professional theatre technician.

* This person will need to be on-site for 3 portions of our production period

   with flexibility. 

*This position has a mutually agreed upon stipend.




*Coordinate/Oversee what tech equipment is required for each room: i.e.  

  monitors, projectors, cords, bulbs, etc. Get initial info from our existing

  spreadsheet. Communicate directly via email with Cure-ators when needed

  about specifics and aesthetics.

 *Source Tech Equipment: borrowing, rental, buying small things if needed.

 *Keep clear on budget for needed Tech with us so there isn’t an overlap of





*Meet with Production Assistant, Cure-ating Support Witch, Construction

  Witch + Materials-Sourcing Witch to be coherent + fluid on set-up logistics.

*Manage and set-up tech specifics in each room requiring it. Communicate   with Cure-ators directly to be true with their vision. Assemble in Install week.

*Work with Construction Witch wherever necessary.

BREAK-DOWN WEEK: August 24 - 26


*Meet with Production Assistant, Cure-ating Support Witch, Construction Witch + Materials-Sourcing Witch to be coherent on break-down logistics.

*Breakdown all tech equipment.

*Return all borrowed + rented tech equipment. Store bought items


Photos courtesy of Sabine Vollmer von Falken, Peggy Reeves, Krysia Kurzyca, and David Benson

All photos and text © 2019 The Rites of Passage Project