BIWOC photographers + 1 videographer

to document the production for the ROP book + website

ON-SITE DATES: These folks will need to be on-site for at least 2 days between August 11 - 23, 2021.


-Take high-resolution photos (or video) of RITES OF PASSAGE 20/20 VISION artwork + performance

-Share photos of the production to Pooja with separate folders for individual

 rooms by October 1st, 2021. (For video October 1st for initial files.)

-You will share copyright of your photos with THE RITES OF PASSAGE

 PROJECT. Your photographs will appear with credit in the ROP Book and

 online and potentially in future printed materials. (We will not however 

 reproduce high-quality prints of your photos without your permission.) 

*The payment for your photographs will be in one total sum

 (without royalties in the future). Video will be in 2-3 payments, for filming, and for final editing.

* Stipend to be agreed upon. 


**Other artists of ROP will also be able to use your photos or video to document their work, with credit to you.