Finds and coordinates free local housing for all Artists +Collaborators coming from afar



ON-SITE DATES: May 8th -11th, May 21st, May 30th, June 19th - 22nd.

Our Housing Witch will need to be here on-site before most anyone else, but does not need to be there the entire time.

*Living locally + having connections to folks with extra houses, apts,

  rooms a plus!




-Help find local housing for all coming from afar


-Assign houses + rooms to: Production Team Members, Cure-ators,

 Performers, Interns.

-Check that all residences are cleaned ahead of time by hired housecleaners.


-Schedule with housecleaners to clean residences after all leave.

-Where relevant, schedule 1-2 more house-cleanings during Production time.


-Set up with house-cleaners to clean ROP main house after all have cleaned-

 up (after end of clean-up week.)

-Borrow bedding if needed and set-up. Make sure all residences have all

 basic items: i.e. T.P. Wash and return bedding by JUNE 22nd.


-Be a liason for participants if needs arise in relation to residences.

-Be in contact with residence owners.


-Create a general lost+found


-Write thank you notes to residence owners, get Pooja + others to sign card.



May 8th-11th, 21st, 30th

-Give maps to participant's residences on arrival dates (May 10th, 21st +

 30th). Give intro talk on house-agreements, cleanliness, + food-share

 agreements on arrival days.

POST-PRODUCTION: June 19th - 22nd


-Make sure all personal belonging are gone from all residences.


-Open residences for cleaners  + the ROP Main House.


-Check that all residences are as clean as we found them (or cleaner) 

 + pay housecleaners.


-Lock up houses + return keys to respective owners in person.

-Mail thank you cards to owners.

This position has a mutually-agreed upon stipend.

Photos courtesy of Sabine Vollmer von Falken, Peggy Reeves, Krysia Kurzyca, and David Benson

All photos and text © 2019 The Rites of Passage Project