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Who is The Rites of Passage Project for?

The Rites of Passage Project is a space of healing & reclamation for those who identify as women, 

as well as for gender fluid folks who feel at home in a space that centers the experiences of women.

We honor and respect the voices and perspectives of non-binary and gender fluid people,

while lifting up the Feminine, and the sacredness & breadth of what it can mean to be "a woman".


*Our live events are open to audiences of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. 

Is this a live event? Is it open to the public?

The Rites of Passage Project uses live performance, art, writing, photography & film to educate and inspire women of all ages to claim their rites of passage experiences. The first live performance-installation event happened over 3 nights in June of 2013 in the former "Women's Club of the Berkshires", now the Whitney Center for the Arts, in Pittsfield MA. The second live event "Rites of Passage: 20/20 Vision"took place over 5 days in August of 2021 with 2 live performances each day at the same venue.

Both were open to the general public.

Does it take place in a real house


Yes! The live event takes place in a real house.

Rites of Passage places a deliberate emphasis on using an actual house, as opposed to another formal institution or gallery space. A house speaks to the interiority of our private lives, and so we invite audiences to literally walk through women's life experiences- one room at a time.

Can I see it again? Will you do it again? 

Both iterations of Rites of Passage were once-in-a-lifetime events. At this time, we are not planning another large-scale performance. Instead we are giving our attention to long-range projects (film, book & workbook) that further our mission of  empowering women around the world to create their own Rites of Passage ritual houses.

How many artists are involved?

From start to finish, our recent Rites of Passage: 20/20 Vision involved over 65 local + national artists and collaborators.

Learn more about them here 

Is it just for Women of Color?

While the Rites of Passage Project is for women of all backgrounds and ethnicities, our 20/20 Vision live production was specifically focused on Black, Indigenous, and Immigrant Women of Color in the US  who have been on the margins for far too long. We believe these voices have medicine we need collectively in order to create a more just & resilient future for all beings.

Can I be involved? How?

We welcome volunteers of all genders and ages.

Please send us an email sharing your interests and skill set. 




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After All is Said & Done: Krysia Kuryzca
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